A 2% change for GIGANTIC results

You’ve got talent, you’ve got drive, you’ve got the look, so why the f@#$ aren’t you booking the part?

When things aren’t going right, when it appears that the world is conspiring against you, you might think that you need to change EVERYTHING. But let’s take a breath for a moment because that’s often not the truth. Take golf for example. Moving your thumb in your grip ever so slightly  – or so my husband tells me – can drastically change the direction of the ball when it leaves the club. In other words, it’s a small change that produces a giant result.

The difference between a champion and a runner-up could be less than 2 mm.  In last year’s Masters, the first place finisher was paid $1.44 million, while 2nd place took home $860,000, a difference of $600,000 for one stroke.

For me, booking the voice over job could be due to a slight change in energy or an improvised word that sparked a laugh.  Once, I was told that I got the job because, while the script described the character walking away “whispering,” I was the only actor who actually whispered in the audition. It was a minor choice, which worked.

How’s your technique?  How’s your mindset?  How’s your physique?  It could be that one tiny tweak (not a total overhaul) is all you need to get your desired results. If you don’t know what that change is, ask for feedback from an outside source like a teacher, a coach, a friend, or your agent. Sometimes you’re just too close that you can’t see what needs to change within yourself.

What "2% difference" can you make in your career? Where have you seen examples of the "2% difference" in your life?  Tell us below!

Courtney Rioux, The Whole Artist coaches actors and other creative talent who feel stuck in their career and want more out of life. She's here to help you shift your mindset from stuck and unhappy to empowered and joyful  — all while making it feel fun and easy. It’s like therapy without the therapy.