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Make Like Katie Ledecky and Write Down Your STRETCH Goals

If you’ve been watching the Olympics this week, you might have caught US swimmer Katie Ledecky’s incredible world record-breaking 400-meter freestyle swim on Monday night.

The world record was 3:59. Katie’s goal was to do it in 3:56 or better... and guess what? She finished first, and her time was 3:56. What a way to win a gold medal!

I especially loved seeing bronze medalist Leah Smith gasp (“3:56?”) when she saw Ledecky’s time come up on the scoreboard – it shocked even her!

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Avoid Overwhelm from Big Goals

“The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.” - Lao Tzu


Ever have that moment where you look at the road ahead of you and think, “How on earth am Iever going to get this done?”

As actors, we dream big [LINK: 2015 Year in Review]. We have to! If we didn’t have a strong vision of seeing ourselves on stage at the Oscars winning the golden statue, we might not have the fortitude to continue getting up early every day to brew coffee for cranky nine-to-fivers. It’s all in service to our grand vision.

The vision is fantastic – but sometimes when a dose of reality hits (say, you don’t get a part you want or auditions are slow), it can be really overwhelming.

If you’ve ever had thoughts like, “I can’t believe how much hard work this will take,” or even “This feels impossible,” then this blog post is for you!

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How to Get Things Done (Even When You Really Just Want to Watch Game of Thrones)

No matter what business you’re in, no matter what stage of life you’re in, there will inevitably be moments when you need to get something done that you just don’t want to do.  That’s exactly why I’m excited to share the concept of Activation Energy. I wish I could take credit for this incredible idea that changed my approach to business, acting and productivity...

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The Ultimate Prize

I recently re-discovered a brief, powerful clip from Inside the Actors Studio and I’ve watched it, oh, about 1,000 times.
In the clip, a young, struggling actor asks Kevin Spacey - a world-famous actor who has earned multiple Academy Awards, Emmy Awards, and Golden Globes - for some career advice.
The set up: being an actor is tough. It’s not easy to get noticed. You might audition for one hundred roles and get ninety-nine rejections before booking one small gig that pays almost nada. It’s rough out there.
The young actor asks:
“How can we appreciate the lean years, the difficult years, leading up to the ultimate prize?”
Kevin replies:

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Let It Go!

My friend recently auditioned for a reputable theatre company. She’s dreamed about working with this company for years. She’s a fiercely talented actor and it’s totally possible. However, her attachment to this goal is getting in her way.

She can walk into any other theatre company in town and nail audition after audition. She knows what she’s doing, she’s prepared, she does it well, and she lets go after.

She walks into this one theatre company’s room, however, and she’s a mess. She sweats and stumbles over her lines. She’s awkward! The casting director knows her, even likes her, and is most likely rooting for her. But my friend self-sabotages her success.

One of the hardest things about being a goal setter is the ability to let it go. But believe me, by letting go of your attachment to a goal, it may actually become easier to achieve.

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A 2% change for GIGANTIC results

You’ve got talent, you’ve got drive, you’ve got the look, so why the f@#$ aren’t you booking the part?

When things aren’t going right, when it appears that the world is conspiring against you, you might think that you need to change EVERYTHING. But let’s take a breath for a moment because that’s often not the truth. Take golf for example. Moving your thumb in your grip ever so slightly  – or so my husband tells me – can drastically change the direction of the ball when it leaves the club. In other words, it’s a small change that produces a giant result.

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