My BIG Year- Vision 2016!

I once read that the people who are most successful at manifestation are those that have a clear sense of where they’ve been, where they are now, and where they want to go.

The end of December is a perfect time to take a few days to reflect on your year, an important activity if you’re interested in moving forward in 2016. Follow these steps to lovingly honor the year that just passed and openly embrace the incredible year to come!

The Year End Review has become one of my favorite things to do each year!

Collect Your Records

Sometimes when we think back on our year we forget how much has really happened. Do you catch yourself thinking, “Huh. I think it was a pretty boring year”?

It wasn’t! If I know anything about life, it’s not “boring” for very long. This is why, before you sit down to do your 2015 Year in Review, you’ll need a few things to help you remember what went down. Here are some suggestions:

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