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10 ways to stop being a “starving artist.”

It never fails. I’m at a networking event, talking to an actor  and without hesitation they give me the excuse, “Well, I’m a starving artist.”

 I smile politely but I really just want to shake said actor by the shoulders and scream, “It doesn’t have to be this way!”

The term starving artist came from geniuses back in the day, like Van Gogh, who sacrificed everything and never sold a painting  in his lifetime.

However, even back then, other artists lived remarkably well, like Rembrandt, Dickens and Warhol.¹

So here’s why you should give up the “starving artist” belief:

  1. You are what you think you are. Beliefs effect your actions and your actions create your destiny. If you believe you are a “starving artist,” you will push money away. You’ll limit new revenue streams and find ways to lose money once you make it (accidents, tickets, bills, etc.)
  2. You are limiting your success. Success begets success...
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