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How Come I Haven’t Won an Oscar Yet?

I’d be willing to bet that you’ve had the thought (at least once or twice), “I should be further along in my acting career by now.”


It’s pretty normal for actors to have this thought. After all, most of us have gone out of our way to fulfill our life dreams. We leave our hometown to carve out a little space for ourselves in INSERT BIG CITY HERE much to the astonishment of our family members. Maybe they support us, if we’re lucky.


We took the big risks. We followed our dreams! And in life, doesn’t big risk yield big rewards? It worked for Tina Fey so it should work for me, too, right?

So when the day comes that you turn around and look at all the work behind you and then look at the road ahead of you and realize that there’s no discernable path that leads directly to an Oscar, you may hear yourself thinking it...

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