All I want for the holidays is to book a job!

This year’s gift guide is here! In addition to ideas for casting directors and agents, I’ve included you in the guide this year!
— @CourtneyRioux

Whether you are treating yourself or have someone who needs a gift idea for you, why not take your business to the next level? Coaching might just be the boost you need to book that next job. You’re a business. Invest in yourself!

For you:


When your brand fails,

when you get an audition,

when you have to self-taaape…

simply remember my favorite coaches,

and then you won’t dooo so baaad!   

(I’m such a nerd.)

Here are the coaches I’ve been working with this year. They’ve all helped me up my game, book more work, and look good doing it.

One-on-one coaches:

  • Danielle Pinnock (IronPrint Artists)- Former Chicago actor, currently in L.A. Danielle can coach you for an audition, give business advice, edit a great reel, and more! She’s currently on Young Sheldon as a recurring character!

  • Gail Rastorfer (Artist Strategies)- Former Chicago actor, currently in L.A. I worked with Gail to help me prep for my headshots. We came up with my wardrobe and some characters I’d get cast as.

  • The Green Room (Anne Acker, Leah Raidt, Rosie Moan) These working actors in Chicago can help you get an audition on tape, coach you for an on-camera audition, help with monologue prep, and more!

Ask your favorite coach if they’ll make gift certificates for the holidays!

Online programs:

  • Tony Howell - Presence. Tony’s four-part coaching series begins this year with Presence- Creating Fame with Your Name + Great Photos.

    I brought Tony in from NY to teach his Big Picture Branding Bootcamp to Chicago actors. The participants felt inspired, hopeful, enlightened, encouraged, and more. People work with people they know, like, and trust (KLT). Tony gives great insight into how to become a brand that everyone knows, likes, and trusts starting with your presence. Other perks?

    • Lifetime Access

    • Thriving Artist Community

    • 25 Step-by-Step Lessons

    • Updates Annually

    • Plus with his holiday special, you get instant access and he donates $125 to Broadway Cares with your purchase for Giving Tuesday!

For your Agents and Casting Directors:

Did you get called in a lot this year? Booked a big role? The holidays are a great time to acknowledge that relationship and celebrate mutual successes! You might even consider sending gifts closer to Thanksgiving or New Year’s Day to stand out from the rush.

Actor and Coach, Danielle Pinnock, says, “I usually send alcoholic and non-alcoholic champagne or rosé. I’ve sent cookbooks before. Someone once gave me a really nice pepper and salt mill which I use everyday. I made [a casting director] mac and cheese once that was amazing. Anything works and you can get some intel from the assistants to find out if they have allergies.”

Branding expert, Tony Howell suggests a Moo gift certificate or custom gifts. “Who doesn’t love new business cards or stationery?”

My go-to gifts:

  • Punk Post (The coolest greeting card service - Each one is a handmade work of art.) Use the code RIOUX1 to get $1 off your second card. Your first one is free!

  • The Five Minute Journal (You may remember this from a previous guide. Still a fave gift!)

  • Cozy things (Hot chocolate/coffee/tea basket? Blanket or slippers for the office?)

  • Shop for local handmade creations at these stores. I love Enjoy in Chicago! (Check out their funny socks, coffee cups, or anything RBG related.)

If you and a friend have the same agent, you can go in together and get something a little nicer. Some ideas:

Can you support artists you know and love? My brother, Mikey Rioux, has a holiday special called Artwork Blind Date! You pay $100 for randomly selected 11 x 14 art work. How fun is that? (You can check it out on Instagram) Who do you know that makes things?

Comment below with your favorite gifts, artists, and local stores!

Actor and coach, Courtney Rioux, offers custom coaching to get you unstuck and design the life you want. One client described it as therapy without the therapy... more like a great chat with a best friend reminding you who you are and what you dreamed of as a kid!

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