How to be a Savings Ninja

My friend Darci calls me a ninja when it comes to getting a discount. Really, I’m just not afraid of looking “cheap,” and I want to save as much money as possible. She told me to write a how-to blog. Here are some of my best ninja-saving tips:

  1. I shop at Aldi. I seriously cut my grocery bill IN HALF. I’m not being hyperbolic. IN HALF!

  2. I sign up for ALL of the birthday discounts. I never pay for a meal the week of my birthday. I get my nails done for free. I take a free classes at Core Power and Bloom Yoga. I LOVE FREE SH*T! Especially on my birthday.

  3. I ask. Memorize these words, “Do you have an artist's’ discount?” “Do you have any coupons?” “Is there a discount if more than one person signs up?” “Is there anything you can do for me...price-wise?” Try it out today! The worst thing that could happen is someone says no. You’re no worse off than you were before asking. If they say yes; Score!!

  4. I search for coupon codes when I buy anything online. Just google “coupon code (insert store/product/event here)”

  5. I negotiate terms and prices. “Oh, you want me to commit to 5 months? I can only commit to 2, is that okay?”

  6. I barter. “You give haircuts? I give coaching. Let’s trade!”

  7. I use the punch cards for the 10th free coffee

  8. I search Groupon before buying anything full price. Looking for bike lights? I got mine for half price on Groupon Goods! Want to try that new taco place? Is it on Groupon? Yes!!!

  9. I ask for free workout classes. Most places will let you try a class or a week for free. Just ask!

  10. I pay myself first. When I get a paycheck, I put 10% into savings that either doesn’t get touched (ie: peace of mind account) or is for something specific (ie: travel the world account). Full disclosure: I haven’t done this in a while, but I plan on starting again TODAY!

 Are you a savings ninja? How do you save money? Share with everyone in the comments below. I’m always looking for new ways to save!

Speaking of asking for a discount...


My BIG Year registration will officially close to the public on July 18th. It will be by invitation only. 

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